Out of Warranty Repairs

Estimate Diagnostic Fees

Epson Stylus ProGraphics Series    $125.00

For all other type of units                   $30.00


All Estimate charges will be applied towards the labor.

To expedite repairs, we require the following items for each type of unit.

  • Desktop and laptop Computers

    -The Defective unit

    -System Recovery Software

    -Power Adapters for Laptops

  • Printers

    -The Defective Unit

    -All Ink Cartridges, preferably Genuine Manufacturer's ink cartridges

    -Ink cartridges must contain at least 40%of ink or more.  MCT doesn't carry ink cartridges

    -If problem is bad print, bring a sample of print out

    -Power supply adapter, if applicable

    -Ink Toner Cartridges

  • Projectors

    The Defective unit

    -Projector Lamp/Bulb


  • Scanners

    The Defective unit

    -Power Supply Adapter, if applicable


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